First OneGram Transaction Made

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Dubai, June 15. Today, Muslims all around the world celebrate ” Eid” – the end of Ramadan, the holiest month in the Muslim calendar. The end of Ramadan is a milestone for OneGram, the most specific digital project ever. This first Shari’ah compliant digital asset backed by physical gold has gone live with its first transaction carried out successfully today. 

As Ibrahim Mohammed, the CEO of OneGram said: “Just like two billion Muslims today, at the day of Eid break fast after 30 days, OneGram, the first Shari’ah compliant physical asset gold-backed cryptocurrency, also breaks new grounds with the launch and testing of the first transaction on its blockchain. When looking back to 2017, May 27, the first day of last year’s Ramadan, when the ICO started, until today, June 15th, 2018 which is the end of the Eid Day, One Gram can rejoice today with all Muslims irrelevant of their faith. It has gained thousands of followers, supporters and well-wishers from across the globe. In one word, it is a celebration – a celebration of Eid as well as a celebration of OneGram launch.”

OneGram is also the first, Bitcoin non-resilient digital asset based on its own blockchain technology, which is much more eco-friendly than prevalent proof-of-work protocols that other cryptocurrencies employ. Moreover, the project is enriched by innovative features that make it attractive for investors from all around the world. OneGram is the first cryptocurrency with inherent regulations inspected by the Al-Maali authority and it is convenient for Muslims as a digital asset with which they can even purchase a property in Dubai.  

After the successful technological aspect of the project was crowned with its own blockchain, OneGram is on the threshold of becoming a huge business success which is confirmed by the interest of investors outreaching any boundaries, be it physical, religious, cultural or any other. 

Mr. Mohammed further adds: ” We, in OneGram, would like to congratulate everyone who has been following us, supporting us. Today is as much about you as it is about us. I personally, being the CEO of OneGram, want to thank all those people who are involved in this with me, including the tech team, our sales guys, our affiliates across the globe from the 17+ countries, bankers, etc. Briefly, everybody who has been working with us. I want to compliment you. This is not a single person’s effort but the effort of a huge amount of people, which has brought us this far. We are facing very exciting times ahead of us.”

All its features and innovations predestine OneGram to be one of the most attractive transaction systems in the world.