Ethereum client upgrades to drop its “Parity wallet”

Parity, an Ethereum client has introduced some major alterations in its latest upgrade. One of the most highlighted change is the removal of graphical user interface (GUI). Slashing the GUI means Parity no longer has its wallet. The alterations are parts of the Parity 2.0 client upgrade.

“We reflect these strategic changes by completely removing the graphical user interface, the so-called “Parity Wallet,” from the client,” mentioned Parity in its website.

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What are the Parity’s alterations?

With the v2.0 release, Parity stated that to “honour” the Ethereum community it is renaming the client to Parity Ethereum. The company said that the Parity Ethereum has been tailored to serve as an advanced software for production use and it shouldn’t be considered as an end-user software or an “Ethereum Wallet.” It is designed for mining pools, exchanges, or any kind of infrastructure or service provider.

Parity, which boasts to be “the fastest and most secure way of interacting with the Ethereum blockchain”, has made its wallet unavailable for the common, non-technical consumers. The installers and operating-system specific packages have also been removed. However, the wallet will be available for tech-aligned users, who will be able to use the wallet via the command line interface.

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“Furthermore, we have removed all installers and operating-system specific packages. In this way, we see Parity Ethereum as a piece of core infrastructure, to be bundled into end-user software packages such as graphical wallets or to be used as a library in mobile apps. Finally, we encourage communities to provide their packages, pipelines, and repositories to distribute Parity Ethereum to their users, as Arch Linux does for instance.”


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