ETHLend Ethereum Lending Network Uses Trust Wallet dApp Marketplace For Mobile Devices

ETHLend Is Now Optimized For Mobile Devices Via Trust Wallet Dapp Browser

ETHLend is a decentralized financial marketplace which was created using the Ethereum network technology. Recently, the company has announced that it would integrate its lending application with another company called Trust, which acts as a mobile wallet and a decentralized marketplace.

After the integration of these two technologies, the lenders and borrowers that use the ETHLend platform will be able to place and fund loan requests via the Trust Browser when they want to do it via mobile devices. Also, any user of the Trust Wallet will also be able to use ETHLend without even having to leave the app, which makes the partnership be useful for both sides.

The management team of ETHLend has told the media that they are excited about the integration and that it would help to further decentralize the platform as crypto investors would be able to unlock liquidity from their assets and to use the other platform.

About ETHLend and Trust Wallet

ETHLend is a company focused on loaning and it has a very decentralized approach to business, focusing on P2P transactions. Trust Wallet is a mobile app that was designed to receive, send and store digital assets like Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, ERC20 and ERC223 tokens. At the moment, you can download the Trust Wallet for both Android and iOS.