Monero [XMR] along with Bitcoin [BTC], Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and Ethereum [ETH] accepted by Tutanota

Monero [XMR] is one of the top 20 currencies of the crypto-world. The coin has lately been into bug speculations and controversial statements. The users of the coin had been requesting the tie-up for Monero with Tutanota for a while, as the users wanted to donate in XMR.

In 2015, a Reddit discussion was started by a Redditor on Monero’s forum, where the user asked Monero to tie-up with Tutanota for donations.

Amoebatron2, a Redditor posted:

Vote for Tutanota to accept Monero donations!

mWo12, another Redditor commented:

“Already send them email that I’m ready donate some xmr now for tests if they provide some xmr address.”

The proposal proposed in 2015 was finally handled in 2018 by Monero and Tutanota.

On 9th July 2018, Monero tweeted:

“Tutanota now accepts #Monero for donations!”

JaneWiz a crypto enthusiast commented:

“not sure why this integration took 3 yrs?!”

Tutanota is a German based, privacy centered email provider. The Tutanota team refers to their product as “Secure mail for everyone!”. Tutanota is an open-source end-to-end encrypted email software and freemium hosted secure email service. The business model excludes earning money through advertisement while it only relies on donations and premium subscriptions.

The tie-up of Tutanota and Monero now allows Monero users to donate in XMR. As for payment, nothing yet has been stated from either of the parties. Tutanota as previously announced permits payments and donations for Bitcoin [BTC], Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and Ethereum [ETH].

Recently, the cryptocurrency exchange platform, Bitbay, on July 3rd tweeted that Monero would be available for trading on Bitbay. The trading pairs introduced by Bitbay are XMR/BTC, XMR/PLN, XMR/EUR and XMR/USD.

The coin had lately been blacklisted due to its unauthorized mining disputation. Irrespective of which, the coin dusted and rose, while the cryptocurrency market was constantly showing high volatility, the prices of various coins which were on the bearish side were turning bullish and vice versa. Monero which fell to $114 in mid-June, picked the pace as it was trading at $124.83.